Hey — What can I help you create ?

I’m Romain, a front-end developer with a strong focus on product strategy. I value simplicity, collaboration, and niceness.

I’m currently in Chambéry, France, enjoying the mountains for a short time before hitting the road again.

During the past 3 years of remote freelancing I have worked with a range of clients to help build digital products. I have mostly been part of nice projects with Leadformance; they set up these store locators you find on big retail companies websites, and I handled the front-end part of over 50 projects. Before that I was a web developer at several agencies.

Last thing I did is this :

The new Leadformance corporate website

Complete rebranding & multilingual website development.

Despite being a classical front-end guy using classical web tech, I’m not tied to a specific language or framework. I believe that I'm here to empower people and help them ease their everyday pains. It means that as a designer, I am not here to focus on making things pretty, but on making things work.

You can code with me on Github, connect with me on LinkedIn, & chat with me via email. I also barely tweet.

Please get in touch, and let's discuss what we can do together.